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Available Characters! 
17th-Aug-2008 03:51 pm
make me blush

We are currently taking applications for the following characters! 

08-25-08 The list has been updated!  Please look before applying~

The Main Gaang (those who will be showing up the most):

Minor Characters (some may not appear for a while!):

Ty Lee
The Duke

Unlike the main group, the minors will show up rather sporadically, so if you’re willing to take a character that might not appear for a month or so--feel free!  (Also, if there is a minor character not on the list that you would like to apply for, please feel free to ask about them!  We might accept the role~)

Post all applications here, please! We will get back to you as soon as possible.

21st-Aug-2008 11:24 pm (UTC) - Too-long rp sample, but I couldn't resist the innuendos.
Sample of a RP Entry (in character, third person):
Sokka grunted under the weight of a gilded box longer than he was tall. Waddling over to the enormous bed--the only functional piece of furniture in his post-Fire-Nation-taking-over-the-world room--he plopped the trunk down, cringing at the sickening crack of the wooden frame. Oops.

He'd let Zuko find out about that later.

In the meantime, he would amuse himself with this gift box, a goody-bag of sorts filled with thank-yous and presents from all over the world. They were all for the Avatar, of course, but Aang didn't really seem to need any more thanks. Everyone was waiting on him hand and foot, giving him anything and everything he wanted. He was busy making the world go back to normal. He didn't have time for toys. Aang had almost been grateful when Sokka offered to take them off his hands.

Or maybe that was Sokka's imagination. But even Katara had gotten gifts from the Grampaku and the Northern Water Tribe, and Zuko had his I'm-the-new-Fire-Lord parties, and Toph had had her parents' letters read to her already. And Sokka had gotten nothing. Nothing! Didn't anyone appreciate all the effort he had put in to saving the world and defeating the Fire Lord and helping Aang through the confusing times of puberty? (And who knew Katara better than he did?) From where he stood, he deserved a little something for his trouble.

Sokka flipped open the lid and instantly things started falling out. How tightly had this thing been packed? Letters, jewelry, a wood carving of Appa (complete with painted blue arrow), a knife with the Earth kingdom emblem on the hilt, a painting of Avatar Roku from his younger days. Where did they find this stuff? He guessed Aang might actually want some of it, but choked at the thought of lugging the trunk back to Aang's room. He'd like this cute widdle Appa. And this painting of Roku. And this boomerang.

What?! Sokka picked up a smooth white boomerang, its edges dull enough to hold safely but hard and probably lethal if used with enough force. The characters for water, earth, fire, and air decorated one side. This couldn't be a present for Aang. This was a present from someone who knew Sokka, and knew he'd lost his boomerang. He raised an eyebrow and stroked his chin. No mystery could defeat his quick wit.

He only had to dig a little deeper in the chest of wonders to find a clue. Shortly after he and his sister had discovered Aang in the iceberg, they had made a pitstop on Kiyoshi Island, where he had learned a little from his to-be-girlfriend about the fighting power of makeup. They had left the village after Zuko flattened it, but he'd taken the Kiyoshi warrior costume with him. He'd wondered what had happened to it. He had assumed Katara chucked it while she was packing their stuff onto Appa.

But folded neatly beneath some silk robes and a coupon for Earth Kingdom cabbages was the heavy green dress worn by Kiyoshi's finest, the buckles and armor that went along with it, and a small box of white, red, and black face makeup.

Sokka remembered where Suki would be at this time of the evening, smirked deviously, and dropped his pants.

Insert Word Here: boomerang
Why do you want to join atla_aftermath?: Because I need to make some sweet sweet loving to suspicious's chest of wonders
25th-Aug-2008 07:06 pm (UTC) - Re: Too-long rp sample, but I couldn't resist the innuendos.
WELL, HELLO! You've been accepted as my sexpot Sokka! The first thing you need to do (if you haven't already done so) is join this community, atla_aftermath, as well as atla_dailylog. Then, you'll need to create a journal for Sokka, which you'll join (again) the two communities so everything can be organized. When that's settled, watch out for for friendslocked posts concerning development of the RP!
26th-Aug-2008 06:00 pm (UTC) - Re: Too-long rp sample, but I couldn't resist the innuendos.
just let me know when you need Iroh's love guruing talents
26th-Aug-2008 06:01 pm (UTC) - Re: Too-long rp sample, but I couldn't resist the innuendos.
Well, we were planning on starting up like... base journals for the characters that haven't been claimed (that would be detrimental to the plot), so you could take up Iroh whenever you feel like it, love guru!
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