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Available Characters! 
17th-Aug-2008 03:51 pm
make me blush

We are currently taking applications for the following characters! 

08-25-08 The list has been updated!  Please look before applying~

The Main Gaang (those who will be showing up the most):

Minor Characters (some may not appear for a while!):

Ty Lee
The Duke

Unlike the main group, the minors will show up rather sporadically, so if you’re willing to take a character that might not appear for a month or so--feel free!  (Also, if there is a minor character not on the list that you would like to apply for, please feel free to ask about them!  We might accept the role~)

Post all applications here, please! We will get back to you as soon as possible.

29th-Aug-2008 06:16 am (UTC) - Mai (continuation)
Sample of a RP Entry (in character, third person):
With nothing else to do but wallow in absolute boredom, Mai found herself in a rather unlikely place, her brother's room. There was a grand party coming up, and her mother was busy with all the preparations.
She entered the room and saw her mother put Tom Tom down on the rug, telling him to be a good quiet boy and that he should let mommy do her work.
She saw Mai and invited her to help. Really? Sometimes mothers don't know much about their daughters.
Mai declined, insisting she'd rather stay with Tom Tom. And to emphasize her point, she sat down in front of her brother.
Her mother, somewhat dissapointed (a bit to her delight) left the two of them,but before shutting the door, reminded them to be good and quiet children and keep out of her hair.
She sighed utter relief that her mother had not really pestered her about it, and unlike other times, did not go into her long and winding speek on the parties and galas Mai would be doing when she becomes Fire Lady.
She looked at her brother, silently playing with his toys.
He caught her eye and she smiled. He gurgled and giggled, but caught himself. Looking ashamed, he returned to playing quietly.
Mai liked hearing him laugh, and it bothered her that a baby like Tom Tom would catch himself in the midst of laughter.
So she called him, and when he looked, she crossed her eyes and puffed her cheeks.
He laughed.
Then she stuck her tongue out and pulled her ears. He laughed harder.Then he caught himself again, quickly returning to his toys.
Odd. Really odd. Mai took the time to observe him. He reminded her of someone. A nagging feeling it was, watching him act that way. She can't recall who he acted like.
It couldn't be Zuko. The only similarities her brother and boyfriend had are their gender and high ponytail, the standard hairstyle of firenation boys.
It couldn't be Ty Lee. Never once had Ty Lee been so reserved and quiet. Never once had she not laughed when she wanted to.
It couldn't be Azula, thank Agni for that. Unlike the princess, Tom Tom was not commencing a mass excecution of his toys.
So who did he remind her of?
Then it hit her.
Alone, lonely, and told to behave and be quiet, Tom Tom reminded Mai of herself.
It was a sudden blow to her. Would he grow up like her? Would he be cold and unexpressive? Would he bottle up all his emotions? Would he grow up distant and bored? Would he be determined to be so well behaved that he ends up pushing almost everyone away? Would he?
Then a tougher question came to her: would she allow it?
Indeed, she had a tough childhood. Politics and appearances were number one. But that was during the war. Tom Tom would grow up in the era of peace.
She decided, then and there, that she would never allow her childhood be brought upon her brother. Taking him into her arms, surprising him, she made a promise, that unlike her, he will grow up happy and laughing.
Then she crossed her eyes, pulled her ear, stuck her tongue out, and blew a raspberry.
His laughs made being silly worth it, it made her more determined to keep her promise.
Insert Word Here:boomerang
Why do you want to join atla_aftermath?: Why I want to join... Simply because I am a big fan ^.^
2nd-Sep-2008 05:08 am (UTC) - Re: Mai (continuation)
Hi there! I'm very sorry, but you're not quite what we're looking for in regards to Mai as a character, though we think you'd be great as anyone else (maybe Jun or Teo?) if you'd like to apply again. :D
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