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A:TLA; Aftermath : A Roleplaying Community
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26th-Oct-2008 10:38 pm - Welcome to the Jasmine Dragon!
"Miao," whined the small cat curled comfortably around Iroh's feet.  It was an ugly thing, with a smushed-in face that made it look perpetually frustrated and random patches of smooth black fur interrupting the coarse white hair that covered the rest of its body.  And it was missing an eye.

"Hush, Shiri, it's not dinner time just yet," muttered Iroh as he pruned the unruly branches of a bonsai tree.  He had found the stray rummaging fervently through his garbage and decided putting some milk out now and again would be more proper than leaving the thing to starve.  Unfortunately, it seemed as if the cat had run away from a crude owner--it only responded to Shiri, or Ass.  He never spoke to the cat when there were customers around.

It wasn't quite closing time yet, but Iroh had officially closed the shop for today.  He was expecting a different sort of visitor, in fact, the Fire Lord himself had deigned to visit this lowly tea shop in Ba Sing Se.  His nephew would be arriving soon enough.

"Miaooo," Shiri complained loudly as Iroh stood up and put the tiny decorative tree on one table as a centerpiece.

"What is it now?" he sighed, then realized he heard sounds out from the street.  Smiling broadly, he opened the door to the Jasmine Dragon.
nana to kaoru ☢ temptress
To ease any confusion about the usage of both the characters' personal journals and atla_dailylog, we have decided to make a small F.A.Q. for everyone to look over.

So there is absolutely no confusion whatsoever (repeated for... whatever reason) atla_aftermath is where the main things and RPing go down.

Q: What is the Daily Log?
A: atla_dailylog is a place of chatting, talking amongst the characters that isn't a part of the main RP, atla_aftermath (which is the progression of the plot). It's mostly for fun, silliness (especially on Sokka's part). Everyone is able to add small updates now and then--passing it around sometimes (since it is in the form of being a log). It's where we go to discuss random things, low-pressure, and just... for the lulz, so to speak.

For Example:
"Debate: Chocolate sauce vs. frosting.
I, myself, love frosting... but I know chocolate sauce is really nice for dipping fruit into, like strawberries. What do you think?"

We're not going to put any specific guidelines up for this, just make sure not to beat the community to death with posts, maximum 2 to 3 per day (Sokka gets free reign since it is, in fact, his daily journal to do his thing in).

Q: Can I post in the Daily Log?
A: Yes! It's not just limited to Sokka. You can post little things, questions, and other topics that could be brought up among the Gaang.

Q: What should I put in my character's personal journal? (And will any characters be able to comment?)
A: For your character's personal journal, you're expected to reflect (in the 1st person, of course) about what's going on in atla_aftermath or if you feel like your character would have any thoughts to go over.

In regards to who will be able to comment, follow these rules for tagging each entry (so the other characters won't be commenting on a private entry or for you to know if you're allowed to read something that may or may not be too private):
  • If your reflection journal entry is viewable to everyone, put: viewable to: everyone
  • If your reflection journal entry is viewable to specific people, put (for example) : viewable to: gaang or viewable to: suki, mai, etc.
  • If your reflection journal entry is viewable to no one: disable the comments on that entry.

    Q: Can Minors join in the Daily Log?
    A: No, only when they're hanging out with the Gaang (like how they would participate in this community).

    If you have any questions, please ask and we can add them to the list!
  • 17th-Aug-2008 03:51 pm - Available Characters!
    make me blush

    We are currently taking applications for the following characters! 

    08-25-08 The list has been updated!  Please look before applying~

    Here be the list!Collapse )

    Post all applications here, please! We will get back to you as soon as possible.

    17th-Aug-2008 03:44 pm - Welcome!
    nana to kaoru ☢ temptress

    If you're here, you've stumbled upon the roleplaying community here on LiveJournal based on Avatar: The Last Airbender. In this community, we follow a loose plot in regards to the finale of the series. We stick to canon. The rules are here, and if you have any questions, please ask in this post.

    Along with this community, there is atla_dailylog, which consists of everyone's daily ramblings, summarizing about what goes on. You only gain admittance to that community once you've filled out an application and have been accepted as the character of your choosing. If you wish to be a part of atla_aftermath, follow the instructions in the profile! :)
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