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Aftermath: Life After the War
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The war is finally over.

Life seems to be steadying, falling back into a somewhat normal routine shortly after Zuko’s coronation. Political meetings and reunions with family members await the heroes, not to mention brewing resistance in both the Fire Nation and the Earth Kingdom. While everything has become calm--if a little boring--the ever-persistent Sokka has come to a decision: the group must start a daily log. Although most are not as pleased as he is about the idea, they comply.

As Aang and Katara deal with their new relationship; as Sokka struggles with furthering his own relationship with Suki; as Toph faces her parents; as they embark on a quest to find Zuko's mother… a new beginning appears.

Only one character per person is allowed, unless you are sure you can handle it and prove that you can--experience is key!
Important: Grammar, grammar, grammar! Making sure you know what you're typing benefits not only you, but the other people of the RP. Try to keep in third person while RPing--use as little chatspeak as possible (unless, you know, you're going on in your character journal about your own personal thoughts).
The couples and characters follow the finale, and as such, canon applies (Zuko is a dork, Sokka and Suki are together, Jet will not suddenly live again, etc.)
Try to keep it at a PG to PG-13 level (depending on the character entirely. For example, Aang may not have those kinds of thoughts, but you know Sokka would.)
Entries in the log can be commented on by any of the characters; but those in a character’s own journal are meant to be secret (unless it gets stolen, designated for a specific character by the one posting, or discovered)!
When everything gets up and running, we plan on having weekly (or even twice a week, depending on the amount of people interested in the idea) AIM chats which will further the insanity of our universe, and so we know you've read the rules, put the word 'boomerang' in the correct spot in the character application.
Above all else, this is a place to kick back and have fun!

In regards to adding the community: Do not join the community unless you plan on applying for a character. If you intend to just watch the community's progress, watch atla_dailylog instead of joining/watching atla_aftermath. If you join the main community and are accepted, you have 24 hours from when you are accepted to post your application. If you do not do so, you will be removed.

Comment "this" entry with the name of the character you're applying for in the subject and your application in the body of your comment. Make sure to fill out everything appropriately and you'll be considered (quickly, of course). You may or may not be asked a couple questions regarding the character, but just know that we treat every applicant fairly.

When accepted to participate in this RP, you will create an AIM username that reflects your character. In turn, you will be able to participate in weekly chats of insanity and RP more often with your friends!


Aang (an_arrow_head) / Played by: samlefou
Katara (ride_thewaves) / Played by: angelchan_2004
Sokka (meat_n_sokkasm) / Played by: spanish_silver
Toph (iamthe_greatest) / Played by: a_dinglehopper
Zuko (firelord_zuko) / Played by: peri_peteia
Suki (fan_tastical) / Played by: suspicious
Mai (boredwithknives) / Played by: shannon_07
Smellerbee (treetop_bee) / Played by: cobaltink
Song (aneveningsong) / Played by: icybright
Teo (not_handicapped) / Played by: katakokk
Meng (likesbigears) / Played by: heyyoitsmj
On-Ji (fireflower_girl) / Played by: araine
Piandao (lotus_steel) / Played by: araine
Ursa (princessursa) / Played by: lye_tea

Daily Log Community: atla_dailylog, where Sokka loves to talk it up.
Creators: suspicious and angelchan_2004